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*Note: The address must be in the Chicagoland area. Please do NOT choose a location that is not easily cleared of people so as to be able to abide by social distance rules. (See COVID safety precautions at the bottom of this form.) Click HERE to see if you're in our performance radius.

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*Note: Specific performance time will be scheduled and confirmed by February 12th and is subject to availabilty.

Pricing Review:

A duet performance of a song from our list=$200

A duet performance of a song not from our list starts (and may remain) at the base price.

*Note: for requests that are not from our list please understand that an additional fee may be added in proportion to the difficulty of the song. In this case, we would send you a price quote. After the quote is sent you will have 24 hours to confirm and complete payment or select another song.

**All orders of songs from our list and initial orders of a song of your choice are non-refundable.

***Submitting a request for a live performance does not guarantee that Intermezzi will be able to meet it (based on availability and scheduling), therefore you would be given the opportunity to change your order to a digital Intermezzi-gram or be refunded the full amount.

Performance specifications will be confirmed after order is placed, i.e. "please ring doorbell and perform song in driveway". Masks must be worn when answering the door. The performers will not under any circumstances enter a residence. The recipient of the Intermezzi-gram or another responsible party must be able to answer the door or call (if requested) and remain, at minimum, 10 feet away from the performers at all times. Only then will the performers be able to remove their masks safely to sing. Please do not request a location that will likely have many people as this will prevent the performers from being able to perform/complete your

Intermezzi-gram order. The recipient and any other people present at the performance will only be allowed to remove their masks once the performers are at a safe distance. Intermezzi LLC reserves the right to refuse to perform if the recipient(s) and any other parties involved refuse to abide by these rules. In this circumstance, refunds will not be provided. Intermezzi LLC will strictly abide by all aforementioned and state mandated safety protocols and assumes no legal liability for any illness.

In case of inclement weather (heavy rain, heavy snow, extreme cold) and travel via car is not a safe option, you will be notified at the latest Valentine's Day morning, and given the option of a digital download of your song that same day and refunded the difference. Keep in mind that if it is raining or snowing we may still show up to perform. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience for your Valentine while also keeping them and our performers safe.

COVID Safety Precautions & Rules:

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